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The archipelago of the Seychelles with its granite islands and coral atolls is one of the most beautiful areas of the world. Everyone who stayed one time there called it paradise. Named by Captain Nicholas Morphey Corneille, who named the islands in honor of the French tax authorities Vicomte Moreau de Sechelles. In addition to its beautiful beaches, many areas of the Seychelles are also protected. One of the largest atolls are in the Aldabra group. Here is the world's largest area of the giant tortoise. Uniquely, the granite rocks, which dominates the entire island picture of the “Inner islands”, because you almost exclusively granite islands. The symbol of the Seychelles is the Coco de mer. It can take up to 20 kg heavy and up to 200 years old. There are a lot of awesome dive areas are around the islands. The main island of  Seychelles is Mahť with the  capital Victoria. It is located in the Inner Islands. A holiday on the Seychelles promises a fantastic landscape with palm trees and granite cliffs, idyllic white sand beaches, turquoise, bright Indian Ocean, not to mention a fantastic Creole cuisine. Ginger and curry is one of the main spices. With its close proximity to the equator of the Seychelles Islands have a wonderful year-round temperate climate. The temperatures are between 24 - 32 degrees Celsius. In the winter months, the probability of rain is higher than in the summer months.

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