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The Seychelles are connected daily by many airlines to all over the world. The airport is the Seychelles International Airport on Mahé. What connection is the most comfortable for you depends on your start airport. Each airline has all the year sometimes very good offers. Therefore you have to check the prices of each airline more than one time before you finally book a flight. Sometimes it is better to make an reservation only for an accommodation and then to check the prices for available flights. There are a lot of flights each day to Seychelles, but to find a good and cheap property is not so easy. Here are the most import airlines to Mahé on Seychelles. We can also search for for a good flight for you. Please tell us your airport and we will send you with the enquiry the best flight offer at the moment.

Air Seychelles
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The transfer on the arrival day from the airport to the property is included in the price. Somebody is waiting for you at the airport and bring you to the house. Depending on occupncy before it is possible that the house is still cleaning for you. But you can leave your luggage there. On the departure day we can organize the transfer from the house to the airport, but you have to pay it directly there. In case your flight is leaving in the evening you can leave your luggage with us.

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